The Salt Lake Temple
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With the "m" shape figure, fold across the diagonal lines on the front and back flaps of the model making creases.  Take the flap at the corner  pulling it
upward to form an
isosceles triangle as in
figure 8.  Do the same with the other flap to look like figure 9.  Turn the model over and repeat .


Make creases.

Pulling up flap and creasing other side.

Pull up second flap.  There  should be four  individual  flaps on top of a rectangle.

Pivot  model  180 degrees, so that  the flaps point downward.

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Pull the side of the triangle up. Crease the other side the same way.  Where the bottom triangle is there should be a mountain fold at the arrow.  Put your thumb under the crease and fold up the edge to the side of the triangle using the creases made in figures  15 to  17.  So that  it appears like figure 19.

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